CBC Window Trail

Wasn’t it brilliant to see all the rainbows in windows last year?

We continue the CBC Window Trail following on from the success of the Light Trail at Halloween and the Nativity Trail. We aim to put in place a whole number of Window Trails for families to follow over the coming months.

The Easter Trail is open from 4pm Thursday 1st until 9pm on Monday 5th April. IT BEGINS AT COSHAM BAPTIST CHURCH – get the first clue by scanning the QR Code there…

Join the Facebook group – search for CBC Window Trail* – 

We would love you to take selfies of your family in front of each window and we invite you to post them in the group. Can you follow the trail around all 8 bases?

Any questions please contact Simon Ford on 07900 555 097

REMINDER : IT BEGINS AT COSHAM BAPTIST CHURCH – directions are found at each base – first (and last) base is at COSHAM BAPTIST CHURCH.

You will need a smartphone that is able to scan QR Codes – many phones do this via the camera app, but you may need a QR Code Reader app (freely available) if your phone does not automatically scan the QR Code. 

Try it out using the QR Code below – if you open it on one device scan it from another – it should bring you back here!