I’m Simon and I’m one of the Co-Pastors here at Cosham Baptist Church. With my wife, Vanessa, I have responsibility for the Children’s, Youth & Family aspects of Church life, and it is a delight to welcome Wayne, to be fellow co-Pastor, with his wife Gem.

We’re so glad you’ve made it to our website! We’d love you to join us at church one day soon, and we hope you find us warm, friendly and welcoming. Come along on Sundays at 10:15am or at any other time at 48 Havant Road, Cosham.

Our vision is to be a church where all who come are shown the new life on offer in Jesus. We preach from the Bible and sing songs that remind us of biblical truths, like forgiveness, grace, salvation, and the majesty of Jesus.

We are a church for anyone. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, where you’re from or where you’ve been – there’s something for everyone at CBC. We offer great children’s and youth groups as well as many varied activities for adults, and you can find out more about all these activities here on our website, or by getting in touch.

We hope to see you soon!

Our Services


Morning Services

We have a morning service each Sunday. The service starts at 10:15, and usually finishes by 11:45.

Around 250 people gather for lively worship, and bible based teaching.

When it is not an all-age service the children and young people have their own groups.

Click here to see a page of all the upcoming services

Communion Services

On the first Sunday of the month we hold communion during the morning service.

We serve non-alcoholic juice and allergy friendly bread and all who love the Lord Jesus are welcome to take the bread and wine.

On some Sunday evenings we also have a more reflective communion service. Please take a look at the upcoming services.

Mission Evenings

At 6:30pm on the first Sunday of the month we have a service focused on the missions we support around the world.

It also has a focus on the mission of the month.

Click here to see the missions we support.

Traditional Service

At 3pm on the second Sunday of even months all seniors are invited for a traditional hymns and readings with a short talk.

This is followed by tea.

Click here for more activities and support for seniors.

What To Expect?

Arriving As you go through the front door someone will greet you in the main foyer. The front hall is on your right (this is where refreshments are served), and immediately ahead of you is the ‘Chapel’. You will normally be given a sheet detailing the week’s news from the church as you enter.

We don’t give out any books as all the songs we sing are projected onto the screen at the front. However there are large-print sheets available upon request. There is an induction loop available (set your hearing aid to ‘T’).  We have signers available on request, please contact the church office preferably with at least 7 days notice that you will be coming. Bible passages are projected onto the screen.

The church is suitable for wheelchair users, not a step or narrow door in sight!

Seating You can choose to sit on any seat that is vacant unless the row is reserved (this is normally only for family and close friends on days when we have baptisms or infant presentations). If you are not sure what to do at any time – then the chances are no-one else will either! We basically keep things fairly simple – we normally stand to sing and sit for everything else! However you may prefer to remain seated throughout the service.

Sermons Our sermons (or messages) often make full use of the church’s media equipment, with illustrations and photographs as appropriate. We tend to run a series of sermons across several weeks: if you happen to come in in the middle, and want to catch up on what you missed, our sermons are online; CDs are also available. However each message will also make total sense on its own!

All of our teaching is rooted in the Bible. We primarily use the NIV (New International Version), but dip into other versions on occasion. Copies of the NIV are available in the church to borrow for the service, so don’t worry if you don’t have one. Some people prefer to listen rather than read, anyway.

How To Find Us

We are on the Havant Road in Cosham, Portsmouth. We have parking available in our car parks.

  • 48 Havant Road, Portsmouth, PO6 2QZ
  • office@coshambaptist.org
  • 023 9232 4688


Communion is usually towards the end of the service on the first Sunday morning of the month, we do not place any restrictions on those taking part. You do not need to be christened, confirmed or baptised; you just need to have a relationship with Jesus. Only you know if that is the case: if you are unsure, just let the tray of bread and wine pass you by, no-one will think anything of it.

Yes! If you have children with you they can either sit with you or join many other children, usually ‘down the front’! During Sunday morning services (except all-age services) the children and young people leave for their own activities part way through. However, if you prefer to keep your children with you or they would rather not go, no-one will force them to.

At every morning service there is a creche facility staffed by suitable volunteers.

No. You are not expected to contribute to the work of the church (that’s our responsibility) so don’t feel any embarrassment in allowing the offering bags to pass in front of you without putting anything in. Many church members give through their bank account, so others will be allowing the bags to pass by too!

They are situated in the main foyer (towards the front door) and in the corridor, on the other side of the building.

At both locations is an accessible toilet and baby changing facilities.

If you have additional needs or a specific request, please call us on 023 9232 4688 or contact us through the link at the bottom of any page

Someone on our ministry or pastoral team would love to make contact with you. Please arrange contact via the Church Office (email, 023 9232 4688, response form)

Yes you can, we have rooms available for parties, meetings, conferences and these can be booked for one-off events or on a regular basis. Please take a look at the Venue Bookings pages to find out more

The short answer is ‘no’ – but that in no way is the full answer! We value families and children and want to welcome them within the church family in the best way – which is why we offer a Dedication and Infant Blessing – please click on the link to find out more

Probably not – you can always contact us (via the link at the bottom of any page) but we do not have a great record of past events held here.

 We support the North Portsmouth Foodbank and so any food given to us is used for the Foodbank. The only exception to this is if we take some to feed a homeless visitor. We don’t actively take clothes now, but rather we encourage you to take them to CRY a Charity Shop in Cosham.

Yes of course – why not click here to leave us a message

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