Families at CBC

Families are really important at CBC and we believe every member of the family is really important, children, parents, extended family, family friends…

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We really look forward to each Sacred Stories gathering and to make this work effectively we really want to know how many people will be coming. This will ensure there are not too many in the circle for the story and that we have the right space for the response and enough refreshments for the ‘feast’. Next time together is March 16

Please therefore book in by clicking the button below – please book in each adult and child that is attending. (We do ask that no children under 11 attend on their own)

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The idea is so simple – but it seems to work.

If you look after a pre-school child then why not come along to Music Makers. You arrive, you sing and dance (or shake and wiggle… or crouch and bend… or skip and hop… or creep and funk!), you play, you drink… all in all you have a great time.

We hold 7 sessions during the week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On each day we have groups at 9.30am and at 10.45am and also one on Monday at 1:30pm

If you would like to join the waiting list please fill in the form below.

The MM Coffee Stop takes place every Thursday from 9.30am – 11.30am.

Ideal for people waiting for the second session of MM, or just coming out of the first session, or on the MM Waiting List or simply other parents with young children who want a safe place to chat and play.

It takes place in the comfortable surroundings of The Link, which is part of Cosham Baptist Church.  There are always plenty of toys available, sometimes music and video – a steady supply of refreshments and welcoming people!

Dedication and Infant Blessing

Christenings & Dedication at Cosham Baptist

As a Baptist Church we take great delight at occasions when we can Baptise people who have chosen to be baptised.

Of course we also value every child and every family which is why we have a ‘service of dedication’. This is an opportunity for a family to bring their child or children to a meeting of the community and to say three main things.

  • Firstly to say ‘Thank You’ to God for the gift of the child or children
  • Secondly to ‘Dedicate’ themselves to bringing up the child or children in the best way possible, and for other family members and friends to also make a dedication to help the immediate family
  • Thirdly we ask God’s ‘Blessing’ on the child or children and we also pray for the family.

This ‘Thank, Dedicate, Bless’ activity has previously only occurred at CBC within the Sunday morning gathering. But now, we have a new community growing on a Saturday afternoon and we would love to be able to hold a Dedication within a Messy Church.

Of course, if you would like to attend on a Sunday we could hold a dedication there.


Would we not have to dress up? 

Of course people could get dressed up, but we believe we can attend the celebration just as we are and that God is more interested in our hearts than our smartness!

What if I do not consider myself a Christian or I am not married or my children have different Fathers?

We are wanting to support families in whatever shape or size they come. We will not enforce anyone to promise anything that is not valid for them. We only ask that people are willing to be thankful, to dedicate themselves and to welcome prayer for the children! (Of course if you would like to get married, we can help you with that!)

What if I have no other family or I have 135 people in my family who would like to come?

We want to do the dedication as part of a gathered community so that you will have the support of everyone else there. If you are bring a large crowd, please just let us know so we can make sure there is enough cake!

I am wondering whether Sunday morning or Messy Church would be more appropriate.

Either would be great, please talk to us.

Does it cost anything?