Mission Partners


CBC and Teliu Holy Trinity Baptist Church are partnered as link churches. This is a growing partnership – click for more

Tearfund Eagles Project, Malawi

We have supported Tearfund for many years and it is now great to focus our support on one country and a particular project.

Eagles project in Malawi.

Tearfund’s partner in Malawi, Eagles, is working in the Chikwawa district of Malawi. This is one of the poorest districts in one of the poorest nations.

Chikwawa district

Their priorities are: clean accessible water, food security, flood management, money management.

collecting water from a pump

Change is happening, with an increasing number of water pumps, more villages in the five year scheme to go from no food security to self-sufficiency using “conservation agriculture”. The basic savings schemes encourage wise use of limited resources. Tree planting on the river banks helps to reduce the amount of flooding from the rivers.

Conservation agriculture

Flood management with trees

Visiting a savings scheme

Tim & Hannah Flatman, South Sudan & Brazil

A godly couple both with a heart for seeing God at work throughout the world.

Working with marginalised communities

Serving with Latin Link in Brazil and South Sudan

Hannah and Tim met at All Nations Christian College. They have a heart to continue serving communities in both Brazil and South Sudan. ‘From July 2015, we have been based in north-east Brazil but making annual trips to South Sudan for a couple of months at a time. Eventually we hope to take some Brazilians with us!’

For the first two years, Hannah and Tim are working in Gaibu, a fishing town south of Recife, partnering with a small Anglican church and doing community outreach work, teaching in the church and discipling young people.

In Brazil, their longer-term vision is to work alongside quilombola (‘kill-om-boh-la’) communities, which are among the poorest and most marginalised in Brazil. There are estimated to be 5,000 quilombos in Brazil, each with between 200–2,000 residents. Each community has a
historical connection with those who resisted the slave regime; many can trace their ancestry back 200 years to runaway African slaves. Many quilombola communities have a communal land system, and difficulty in attaining rights to their land. There are many parallels between these communities and Abyei!


Hannah felt called to Brazil at the age of 16 and went on several mission trips to the north-east region from 2006–09, working with at-risk children. She then spent two years on a Stride placement with Latin Link, church-planting and discipling teenage girls in a shanty-town community in Recife. She recently studied Contextual Theology and Missions at All Nations Christian College.


Tim first went to South Sudan in 2004 and has been working with the Dinka Ngok community in the Abyei region of South Sudan since 2010. In 2011, the Ngok experienced major land-loss when the Sudanese army destroyed Abyei town and nearby villages and displaced 150,000.
Tim’s ministry has included teaching and preaching to equip the local church, prayer mobilisation, advocacy and practical assistance to rebuild homes and restore facilities. His long-term vision is to see the Ngok return to their land, the status of Abyei resolved, reconciliation between the Ngok and their neighbours, and the Ngok equipped to reach out to others with the gospel.

Can you support Tim and Hannah?

Will you stand with Tim and Hannah? The greatest need is for prayer. To join their prayer team, please contact Latin Link on communications@latinlink.org.uk. (alternatively, most of their prayer letters will be posted below)

If you can help financially, Tim and Hannah need to raise about £40,000 for the first year. This includes launch fees, arrival costs etc, so will drop significantly in subsequent years. It also includes accommodation and living costs, travel expenses (including for visits to South Sudan), insurance, pension, visas, language study, and more, which will continue beyond the first year.

Tim and Hannah are looking for ongoing monthly supporters (could you give £10, £20 or £50 a month?) Please go to latinlink.org.uk/donate

A good number of the Church community have visited the amazing projects of Harvest India and we continue to support them.


Harvest India is based in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh in a bustling city called Tenali. This state is known as the “rice bowl” of India and located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It’s people speak predominantly Telugu. Over 89% of this state are Hindus and it is well known for it’s many temples and pilgrimage sites. Tenali is the hub of all of Harvest India’s work, however we reach far beyond Andhra Pradesh into Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and many other states. With over 70% of India’s population living in 550,000 villages that stretch across the subcontinent and outlying islands, Harvest India’s call to “carry Christ’s compassion to every village in India” is mandatory.  This is achieved by being active in the areas of:

Mercy Ministries:  which include, but are not limited to:Fresh Water Well Installation, Weekly Food Distribution, Medical Camps & Hospitals, Disaster Relief, Emergency Care and Shelter, Hospice Care for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, Elderly Homes, Red Light District Ministry & Restoration, Monthly Food & Medical Aid to those afflicted with Leprosy

Orphan Care: More than 1300 children in our care , 26 Children’s Homes

Education: We continue to make a growing investment in the future of India through education in these ways: 2 Elementary Schools for Dalit Children, 2 Junior Colleges, 1 Technical College, 5 Nursing Colleges, 10 Bible Colleges

Sharing the Gospel: As you get in touch with the intense physical needs of the people of India, you’ll soon find out that without the basic necessities of life, it is difficult to hear the message of God’s love.. As followers of Jesus, we believe that we are called to simultaneously share the Good News and embody the Good News of Christ. Each year we do this in a number of ways including:  ·  3-4 Major Evangelistic Crusades Annually  ·  Multiple Smaller Strategic Evangelistic Crusades in Rural Villages  ·  Planting Churches throughout India  ·  Making Major Investments in Raising Up Leaders & Pastors  ·  Commissioning over 150 Pastors Each Year  ·  Bible Colleges , ·  Pastor & Leader Conferences  ·  Sharing the Love of Jesus wherever we go

Please visit the Harvest India site

We choose to stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world.  The young people often hold Blackout weekends and CBC have met as a secret church.

At CBC we are acknowledge – and offer prayer and practical support – for the estimated three quarters of the world’s population who live in countries with severe restrictions on religious freedom.

It’s one of the most widely-violated human rights in the world.

We support the organisations which back persecuted Christians – supplying Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy and acting in other ways to help them know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities.

We aim to highlight the needs of Christian ‘family’ in dozens of countries, who are deprived of the opportunity to live out their faith in the way in which we are free to do.

In some cases, persecution of these Christian brothers and sisters  leads to imprisonment, often in the harshest conditions, discrimination, deprivation – and even death. Today there are people who will lose their life because they will not renounce their belief in the Living God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

In November in particular, our mission board, prayer and parts of the service focus on the Suffering Church – drawing on resources from support organisations such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Release, Open Doors and Release International – marking Persecuted Church Sunday.

Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White, has spoken several times at CBC recently about his organisation, FRRME’s, relief work among  Iraqi refugees in Jordan, the internally displaced people of Iraq (IDPs) and continued peace and reconciliation work in Israel and Palestine.

Street Pastors – A number of the church community are Street Pastors and Street Pastor Prayer Supporters – click here to go to the Street Pastor website

France Mission – believe that the best reason for loving France is that God has a real heart for that nation. If you share that conviction, please join us!

MAF Flying for life – In today’s ‘connected world’, the irony is that never have so many people been so isolated. Flying onto desert and jungle airstrips, lakes and rivers, tracks and roads, MAF’s light aircraft and their mission pilots go the extra miles to provide a lifeline. Click here to go to their site

BMS – The missionary society supported by Baptist Churches enabling those serving abroad to get on with the mission and be less concerned about where their funding will come from click here to visit their site

Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities – click here

Friends International supports international students in the UK, helping them to enjoy their time in Portsmouth to the full.

Throughout the year various activities are run including the fortnightly International Cafe – click here