Children's Work at CBC

I am important, you are important, so I will treat you well... our charter!

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If you are a parent or guardian and would like further information or details please see the Parents page. This contains information about how to contact us, our safeguarding and data protection policies and details about finance.

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Friday Clubs

SPARK (previously Kidz Klub Mini) takes place each Friday evening of term time at 5pm (Infants)

IGNITE (previously Kidz Klub) also takes place each Friday at 5pm (Juniors)

 Great fun for children at SPARK for those at Infant (KS1) School – and at IGNITE for those at  Junior (KS2) School, each Friday afternoon from 5:00-6:30pm

We can only give you a glimpse here because the only way to really enjoy it is to experience it!

Are you ready for the amazing games, thrilling panto, awesome songs, inspirational teaching and great prizes! We aim for it to be the best way to start the weekend.

Spark has share time, action songs, great games, a story and craft. 

Ignite has livelier songs, more wacky games as well as great team games & challenges, the great panto and the Bible story with chance to reflect and create. 

Bring a friend and get a great prize too – the afternoon ends when you pick up a bag of sweets and a sheet and go home!

Many games involve food! Well normally one each week – it might be custard on corn flakes or eating cake with quavers or simply an ice-cream race… other games involve dressing up or making things or knocking things over…

We will ask parents to register their children on the first visit and to let us know who will be picking them up and then to ensure their child is signed in each week and to let us know if a different adult is picking up. There is no waiting list, please simply turn up and register. This may change once the club becomes even more popular!

And please remember we are collecting for Cedric, our sponsored child in The Philippines  – please bring in your change…

The club includes snacks, but we ‘expect’ that children will have had tea before they come. The cost per week is £1 per child but please let us know if this is an issue, especially if you have ‘many’ children attending either Friday Club!

Handout Sheets – these are the sheets given out after each club. Any child who decorates or colours their sheet and returns it on a Spark or Ignite evening will get a prize.

See you next Friday! (if it’s term time)

Sunday Mornings – 10:15am: the activity begins!

The morning starts off with an engaging time together as a whole Church family, but then after about 20 minutes the adults kindly stay where they are so that the children can go and grow.

  • We want to grow in our friendships with each other
  • We want to grow in our understanding of who we are
  • We want to grow as followers of Jesus.

Of course, anyone 11 or under is welcome to come along – it doesn’t matter if you don’t yet know anyone in the groups or you are very unsure about who Jesus is – you will be very welcome.

Once the children come to Junior Church they are invited to attend age-specific groups.

There is creche for the youngest ones (under 2) and we aim to engage the 2 year olds with appropriate story and activity. The crèche is located within the old Children’s Centre rooms. Any parents who would like to stay, can of course, do this, but we would encourage parents to take the brave step and leave their children with the creche leaders. They will come and get you if any help is required. In fact, now, when you ‘drop off’ your child, you will receive a buzzer that will buzz if the creche leaders would like you to return to the creche. 

3-6s  meet within the Link for time of activity and learning – they might be making, baking, playing, thinking, discussing, praying,.. it always involves variety. The teaching each week will usually be a part of a theme, but each week very much works on its own, so although we would love to see children each week, it is also good when children join us every other week or simply whenever family situations allow!

7-11s meet upstairs and usually follow similar themes to the younger ones, but are encouraged to think more, create more and laugh more!

All groups finish when the service does – please come and collect your children, as we want to make sure they stay safe during the morning.

But what about if I want my child to stay in the service?

Of course they can, we will simply welcome them when they do join us! But as friendship is a really important aspect of growing up, we would encourage children to be a part of the groups.