Important, Valuable, Precious, Unique


Our theme of the day was that you are precious, important, valuable and unique. The first day of children’s camp was very successfully centered around this theme. I enjoyed the games we played and the children took to the activities very well.

I’m really enjoying being in this team. God has brought together people with amazing skills who each bring something completely different to the table. I am so thankful that we all get along as this would be a very lonely experience for me.


At times today I felt like I had never worked with children before. From the moment we arrived at the church, the children were excited but equally cautious. I could definitely relate.

The language barrier presented a significant challenge but our team members from Romania and Ukraine were fantastic. We have had such an amazing welcome and support from the family we are living with, it has been uplifted. Tania, the oldest of the daughters, has been a particular source of help, support and laughs.

Although it took some time today, I feel like relationships are building between the team, the Romanian/Ukrainian and the children are growing. It was lovely, albeit wet, to play a game of drip drip drench in the afternoon and be drenched by several children. I took it as a sign that they like me… I hope…

We finished the day with a game of football in the local park. Mick, Simon, Steve and I played alongside a group of young lads, with Mick and I opposing Simon and Steve. I think the boys were dubious of us initially, we were able to have some positive interactions (in broken English) with them. It was also pleasing to score a goal, with my left foot I might add, which seemed to impress the  locals. We hope to see them again later in the week for another game.

I’m feeling more ready for tomorrow. Please pray for energy and enthusiasm to continue.