Our Vision

To enable all to pursue life in all its fullness

We are an active, growing, welcoming, multi-generational church of about 200 members. We are becoming more culturally diverse. Around 300 regularly attend worship on a Sunday morning and over 1000 individuals come to the church during the week with many attending church-led activities.

Our vision is for each person we are in contact with to grow in their discipleship journey from welcome, to faith, to discipling of others. We understand that a discipleship journey starts with the first welcome and can be long through many varied but simple steps to faith, behavioural change and witness as we come to know more about God and become more like Jesus.

In the next decade we desire to be more of a multigenerational church with hundreds of passionate Jesus followers living life to the full. We desire to be a community where all are welcomed and accepted, a community where each person of whatever age, life stage or depth of faith is on a journey to life in all its fullness.

We desire to be a community which inspires and enables people, where gifts are valued, supported and released to the wider church. We want to be a community that is faithful in witness to Jesus in action and word, wherever it is each day – each person shining brightly and lovingly for Jesus.

Our LIFE Values

All we seek to do will be
>> God-honouring - which means that everything we say and do is for God’s glory and pleasure;
>> Christ-like - which means living lives of love, grace and generosity;
>> Spirit-led - which means that God is in charge!

Our LIFE Strategy

>> Loving hospitality - we believe life is renewed when hope goes the extra mile
>> Inviting relationships - we believe life grows within authentic friendships
>> Full of grace - we believe life is changed by grace
>> Every-generation community - we believe life improves when all ages are in relationship.

The Leadership Team


Rev Wayne Dulson

Co-Pastor (Trustee)
Wayne joined us in January 2019 and is overseeing the discipleship and pastoral care of adults. Wayne is married to Gem and they have two children.

Rev Simon Ford

Co-Pastor (Trustee)
Simon has been a Minister at Cosham since 2000. He heads up the work with children, young people and families and is involved in many other areas of Church life. Simon is married to Vanessa, who runs the phenomenally successful Music Makers, and they have three grown-up children.

Sam Carver

Office Manager
Sam joined the team in January 2019 and became Office Manager in September 2019. She is married with three daughters and also helps lead Impact Kids Club each Friday.

Kevin Tutte

Treasurer (Trustee)

Richard Brooks

Secretary (Trustee)

Sam Amponsah

Deacon (Trustee)

Fran Barnes

Deacon (Trustee)

David Evans

Deacon (Trustee)

Sunny Onuh

Deacon (Trustee)

Gill Parmee

Deacon (Trustee)

Jeri Swaffer

Deacon (Trustee)

Katherine Taylor

Deacon (Trustee)

Ros Sears

Admin Assistant


Jesus said that he came to give people LIFE in all its fullness. (John 10, verse 10)

CBC is a community of people who don’t have all the answers, haven’t got our lives all sorted, but have found that true life comes from following Jesus.

We are part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and the Evangelical Alliance, but first and foremost we are Christians. We believe that the Bible is the final authority for life and seek to show God’s love to everyone.

This means that we are accountable to God, and to one another, for how we live our lives and how we treat others; it means not judging people by their education, age, background or skin colour; it means that every day is a gift to be enjoyed, and every relationship is a gift to be nurtured.

In practical terms, we make every effort to be inclusive. For example, all of our facilities are disabled-friendly; we operate a hearing loop system; we offer sign-language during services, we have a supply of food and clothing for the homeless and we regularly review our carbon footprint.

But please note: every member of CBC is imperfect – so we are not a perfect church! But we follow a perfect God who never gives up on anyone.

Teliu Baptist Church, Romania

We have been to Teliu on four occasions and have now further developed our partnership with a formal partnership agreement – signed – 5 Feb 2017

This partnership exists to recognise the special link between the two churches as they seek to honour God, grow in Christ’s likeness and be led by the Spirit.

Its purpose is to enrich each church and also to help each church fulfil God’s mission within its own culture.

To accomplish this purpose and to grow in our friendship and relationship we have agreed to the following areas of partnership:

To regularly pray for one another

For example:

  • Praying for spiritual growth
  • Praying for people going through difficult times
  • Praying for strength to stand for Christ against pressures from the world, the flesh and the devil

to help one another to reach the unsaved

For example:

  • Providing food parcels for poor
  • Funding for camps for kids and teenagers that are not reached
  • Outreach to Romanians in UK
  • Common mission elsewhere in the world

to help build the link between the two churches

For example:

  • Occasional sermons based on same Bible text
  • Evangelism – Alpha course
  • Special services e.g. thanksgiving, invitation services

to ensure the details of the visit/mission are prepared, for it to be most effective

For example:

  • Agreeing the specific work to be done
  • Agreeing the best time to arrive and length of stay
  • Agreeing the details of food, accommodation, travel etc.

This year we are planning a joint mission with our friends from Teliu to Ukraine.

The view from the summer-house used by the orphans at Tohana Nou


Venue Booking

All the rooms at Cosham Baptist are available for hire - from the main chapel to the large hall, The Link, meeting rooms etc. All available with or without kitchen facilities. Please click on the image to see the venue booking page.

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