Car dashboard – reflection tool!

I always appreciate a good reminder. Of course phones and the latest apps give us many clever ways of doing this, but how about this reminder as we do a normal task.

You get in your car, turn the key (or whatever clever way you start your car!) and the dashboard lights up in a Christmas tree style! As it calms down you look to see if there any warnings? Problems with air bags? Battery level? Or no oil – that is serious! As you travel along, you keep aware of the fuel, your speed, your revs, perhaps glancing at the temp gauge.

This is the challenge – instead of just thinking about whether you need to look for a place to fill up with fuel or book in a service – how about making it a opportunity to take a look at your own life – your relationships, your attitudes, your faith and your health…

When I look at the dash it reminds me of the following areas and results in good reflective questions:

  • The oil light – am I still basing my life on God? Am I close to Him? What do I need to do to fill up?
  • The fuel indicator – am I having quality time with family and friends (people I love). If this indicates the amount of love, do I need to fill up – plan it and book time in?
  • The temperature gauge – what about my relationships with colleagues, contacts and others? People I need to forgive? Relationships to repair?  People need to encourage or be encouraged by? Anyone who is making me too hot who I need to stay away from?
  • Doors – who am I travelling with? Have I got a spiritual guide? People I can be accountable with? Those I am mentoring?

Of course these are just my ways of looking at these indicators – you reflect and choose your own. Others see the oil light as their level of integrity and honesty or their love of the Bible. Fuel indicator to think about their food consumption – how much bacon? or their physical and spiritual input? Temperature gauge could highlight emotional life or what annoys you. Seat belts could be ensuring God’s word is about me or relationship with spouse. Other indicators remind people of calling, of rest, of being a witness, of amount of work etc.

The idea is that as I travel I will reflect and ask questions to help me be more the person God has designed me to be… why not give it a try – what will the following indicators and gauges help you…

  • Oil Light
  • Rev Counter
  • Speedometer
  • Fuel Indicator
  • Temp Gauge
  • Lights
  • Seat belts
  • Trip Counter
  • Doors
  • Battery
  • Radio / Media
  • Clock
  • … anything else