People of God are led by Moses through the Red Sea

Today was a day of freedom. It was also a hot day – only when the sun went behind a cloud was it cold enough to go out into the main open area and play the great variation of duck duck goose, drip drip drench – each person begging to be the victim!

So we told story of Passover and Red Sea crossing and we illustrated with the Sticky Chair sketch and the donut story.

In the afternoon we were surprised when a man arrived to give out candy floss to all the camp. Apparently it is his ministry to go to any Christian camp and give away candy floss for free… And he was called to do this by God!

The day at camp ended with us using the chains made at the start of the day in a powerful illustration.


The day continued with plenty of time to engage with many of our team and hosts. Steve and Dan returned to the football pitch whilst the rest of us worked out how to make two lilos look like tablets of stone.

Then it ended with an emotional goodbye to our hosts Mimi, Illyanna, Tania, Damaris and Annamaria as they left us ‘home alone’ to go on holiday to Greece . They are all so keen for us to return next year! This request is mainly from Mimi who we primarily saw briefly driving us around or cooking us marvelous grills… We will all miss Tania too as she had become an important member of our team.

Tomorrow is final day of camp and a church service in evening.

  • Please pray for ongoing strength, energy and health
  • For the children to have great memories from the camp and for God’s spirit to speak into their lives.
  • For families to hear of the great time their children have had at the Baptist church (where the heretics are according to the local Orthodox church)
  • That God will use our week here to break down a bit more of the hold there is over this community.

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  • Great video and praying for you all. God bless all that you are doing and make it successful. Have a brilliant day. X