What a long day. Left this morning at 8.20 (6:20am UK time which it still felt like!) for the first of three services. Ekua, Mick and Dan gave great testimonies, Simon spoke and everyone else sang well. Sami also spoke at each church. These were churches where he and Cornelia worshipped at for 4 years – they left 17 years ago.

After the first two services (over before CBC started) we had a great fellowship lunch.

Final service was at 3 then another fellowship meal, with massive layered cake (see below)

We got home and pizza arrived soon after! My we ate well today.

Then 4 hours of prep to get ready for the morning. But we think we are ready to introduce the life of Moses – from birth to murder! Thinking of how we are all significant and that each person continues to be valued and loved even when they make mistakes. Really grateful to Tanya and Damaris for their help in preparation and translation.

Tomorrow I will get others in the team to blog and share their feelings and thoughts.

Tired but a great team.

PS we love the outside baptistries


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