This Saturday, 7th July, a team from Cosham Baptist Church (UK), and Teliu Baptist Church (Romania) will be going on a joint mission trip to Ukraine.

The 6 from UK are Simon Ford, Mick Hamorak, Ekua Mills-Robertson, Steve Jacob and Katie & Dan Barnes

Some of the team were asked to give their hopes and fears:

• We effectively communicate the gospel to the children that they can pass the message on to their family and friends
• We connect as a partnership between the two churches and are able to work together well

• The children enjoy themselves while doing the activities but understand what God is telling them through each activity
• Not being able to speak Romanian very well will prevent us from understand what the children want to learn from us
• That the children will feel patronised and therefore rebel

• I am worried about my chronic fatigue and really hoping that I do not become too tired and I can manage it with the travelling
• I hope to be able to form relationships with the children and people we come into contact with quickly
• Even though I am excited to be going to Ukraine it is ‘out of my comfort zone’ so I hope for peace as we continue to prep and when out there
• Hope that I am able to speak clearly and speak what God wants me to speak

• Worried about the getting enough sleep and having enough energy to give everything to the kids camp
• Hope to be able to use my skills and talents effectively for the team
• Hope to be able to rely on God and spend time listening to him in prayer, with the team and alone

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