Activities and events for Adults

3 types of groups

Classic Life Groups – These groups aim to help people grow in their love for God and His people. This is done through worship, practicing spiritual gifts, reading the Bible, and meeting one another’s need. If you are looking to grow in your Christian faith in general, sign up for one of these Life Groups.
Equipping Life Groups – Life is full of different stages. Some are expected, some are not; some are welcome, some are not. If you would like help to process where you currently are, or prepare for an anticipated stage of life, then sign up to one of these Life Groups.
Interest Life Groups – All of life belongs to God and can be done in a way that pleases Him and blesses the world. (1 Cor 10:31). Common interests help foster friendship… and friendship is the perfect foundation for discipling and caring for each other

To join any group please contact the host or co-ordinator of the group or email or call the Church Office on 023 9232 4688

Life Groups offer opportunities to encourage and support one another, occasions to study the Bible and pray for each other and times to ‘do life’ together!
Simon Ford

Interest Life Groups

Christian Calligraphy Life Group

Host: David Treagust
Contact details: 02392377884
Venue: CBC – upstairs in L1
Time: 8 – 10 weekly sessions on Wednesdays 10.00 – Midday from 19th September

An in-depth appreciation of a short Biblical extract (your choice) through reflection and calligraphy.

Men's Board Games Life Group

Host: Craig Williams
Contact details: 0790 4547 385
Venue: CBC
Time: 7.30pm Friday 21st September 7:30 at CBC, fortnightly on the second and forth Friday of each month

An opportunity for men to gather informally playing card games or scrabble through to games like Ticket to Ride and Catan, there's something for everyone. If you have a game you like playing please do bring it along!

Cycling Life Group

Host: Andy Alderson
Contact details: 023 9238 7687
Venue: start at CBC, date and route to be arranged by group.
Time: Saturday mornings

Opportunities for all ages and abilities to gather for a cycle ride suited to those who come along, with the focus on friendship and enjoyment. More serious or less serious cycle routes may also be specifically planned as the group develops.

Christianity and Culture Life Group

Hosts: Philip and Miriam Sampson
Contact details: 023 9237 3007
Venue: Chinese Christian Church Fratton
Time: Daytime, start date to be confirmed by October

A series of Bible based discussions, showing how our culture has been influenced by the Bible.

Bible Based Craft Life Group

Hosts: Fran Barnes and Vanessa Ford
Contact details: , 0783 4905 889; 0778 1784 316
Venue: 7 Salisbury Road, Cosham, PO6 2PL (occasionally 23 Salisbury Road Cosham)
Time: evenings – 1st Monday of each month from 1st October

Taking inspiration from a Bible verse and responding using different crafting techniques.

Equipping Life Groups

Praise and Worship Life Group

Hosts: Marie and Paul Pigney
Contact details: 0774 8322 987
Venue: 1 Court Lane, Cosham, PO6 2LG (We are opposite Court Lane School, NOT at the beginning of the road)
Time: 7.30-9.30PM on Tuesday evenings from 2nd October for 10 weeks (unless there is a church meeting)

There will be prayer, scripture, discussion, nibbles, drinks, fun and friendship to be had. We will discuss what true, heartfelt, spirit lead praise and worship to God is and how it affects our lives and our relationship with God.

CBC Newcomers’ Life Group

Host: Simon Ford
Contact details: 0790 0555 097
Venue: CBC
Time: fortnightly at 7.30pm from Tuesday 30th October

This will run for three sessions for those who are new to CBC and would like to learn more about the church, membership, baptism etc.

Classic Life Groups

These groups give an opportunity to develop relationships and grow together through reading the Bible, worship, praying for each other and the world around us.

Baffins Life Group

Host: Ian Tn
Contact details: 023 9232 4688
Venue: Baffins, PO3
Time: fortnightly at 7.30pm

Copnor Life Group

Host: Ian Ts
Contact details: 023 9232 4688
Venue: Copnor, PO3
Time: at a date and time convenient for the members, due to shift work. Please contact Ian for further details.

Central Cosham Life Group

Hosts: Bernard and Andrea
Contact details: 023 9232 4688
Venue: CBC in the Link
Time: fortnightly at 7.30pm

Drayton and Farlington Life Group

Hosts: Kevin Tutte
Contact details: 023 9238 7515
Venue: 185 Havant Road, Drayton, PO6 1EE
Time: fortnightly at 7.30pm

North Cosham Life Group

Host: Diana Warren
Contact details: 023 9237 6518
Venue: 18 Kintyre Road, Cosham, PO6 3UH
Time: fortnightly at 7.30pm

Daytime Life Group

Host: Joan Killey
Contact details: 023 9232 4688
Venue: CBC in the Link
Time: fortnightly at 10.30am

Anchorage Park Life Group

Co-ordinator: Marjorie
Contact details: 023 9237 4694
Venue & Time: evenings as agreed by group members

BOB (Band of Brothers) - Men’s Life Group

Co-Ordinator: Simon Ford
Contact details: 0790 0555 097
Venue: CBC in the Link
Time: meet Fridays from 7am to 8am for fellowship and prayer

Women's Fellowship Life Group

Host: Grace Jukes
Contact details: 0798 1944 363
Venue: 1 Kinross Crescent, Drayton, PO6 2NP
Time: monthly from 7.45pm as per CBC notices

18 - 30's Life Group

Hosts: Fran and Tom Barnes
Contact details: 0783 4905 889
Venue: 23 Salisbury Road Cosham
Time: fortnightly on Sunday lunchtimes from 30th September


Big Church Day Out – bookings for 2019 are now open – amazing line-up of bands and all the fun of a massive festival in a safe environment. 

The more that book the cheaper it will be! Click the link to join our group!

Church Summer Social Weekend

2 nights in a field – or just come for the long summer days… book in below

As iron sharpens iron…
BOB is the name for Men’s Ministry at CBC… if you are over 18 and a bloke you are invited to join us.

BOB Friday am meets Friday mornings at 7am at CBC for an hour of honest sharing and encouragement to be real! Helping you to be the man God wants you to be

BOB meets regularly for other events such as breakfasts, quizzes, skittle evenings, conferences and other activities for men – keep an eye on the events for more details


Cherish meets at 6:30am each Monday morning – a chance for women to gather and pray.

New women’s events and opportunities will be announced shortly


Alpha runs each year,let us know if you would like to attend. We also have marriage preparation classes, marriage courses and times when we think about Baptism and Church Membership